Shave save 60ml.

Shave Saver by Aloeclear is specially formulated for male skin having increased exfolliation and moisturising Shea butter.
Ideal to use after shaving or waxing. Shave Savers advanced formula will stop the dreaded bumps and redness around the neck
after shaving, leaving skin soft and clear. Shave Saver is formulated with increased exfolliants and moisturising Shea Butter,
it is perfectly suited for those with darker ethnic complexions. Shave Saver moisturises, calms and has an astringent action to close the pores.
With a light coconut fragrance

Simply roll on after shaving and massage in if necessary. Repeat throughout the day as often as required with the useful pocket sized roll on.

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Fil 31.08.2017, 19.24.05

Pris: kr. 359,-

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